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We are an HR consulting firm that offers a range of HR services ranging from HR Audit services, IR support, internal policy development, pre-employment checks and more. We believe that we do not just provide HR services but rather, we provide HR tailored solutions to organisations.


Recruitment/ Talent Acquisition

We specialise in sourcing for talent from various areas, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for specific positions.

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Our Payroll assist with third party payments including SARS, garnishee orders, medical aid deductions and pension/provident funds deductions to mention a few

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HR Auditing

We offer assistance with ensuring that your SME is compliant in all its HR requirements and that your SME is always ready for audits done by the department of Labour.

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Pre-Employment Checks

We partner with credible service providers who ensure pre-employment checks such as credit, criminal, qualifications and ID verification results are received within 24 hours.  

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Pension / Provident Funds

We have sourced a service provider that will be able to assist in determining the retirement needs of your employees and setup credible pension and provident funds.

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Occupational Health and Safety

KM HR Solutions is able to assist you with putting in place the relevant OHS polices and to assist you in ensuring the safety of your workers.

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HR Administration

We provide assistance with all HR administration. We will assist you in ensuring that your employee administration is in order and that all employee info is stored well.  

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We are available to provide guidance and assist you with polygraph services conducted by a dedicated and certified polygrapher with over 15 years of experience.  

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Industrial Relations (IR)

We assist SME’s to manage their relationships with their employees professionally.  We are available to assist you and your organisation in drafting IR policies and procedures.  

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On Time Services

We treat our clients with integrity and provide them with value for their time, on time, every time.

Professional Team

We have a professional team that has experience and expertise in the HR field to offer tailor made solutions.


We design the best solutions for our clients that enhance productivity and brings out the most in employees.

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